New Blue Waffle Towels are a strong, durable, hemmed 100% Cotton towel that is lint free and extremely absorbent.
Unit of Measure


N/A 5 lbs10 lbs25 lbs50 lbs

Packaging Options


Some Task Specific Wiping Solutions

  • Colored Wiping Cloths: Provide great value for all grease and oil applications. Hides grime and lasts longer
  • White Wiping Cloths: shows what is being wiped and won't "bleed" colors in solvent applications
  • Specialty Wiping Cloths: Various textures and sizes of cloth to provide extreme absorbency, strength and softness for special applications when consistency is required.
  • Turkish Towels: Towels that are perfect for janitorial use and in the automobile trade
  • New mill ends: consistent quality and sizes, no seams, many types available, T-shirts, Turkish



16 boxes (800 lbs.)

Saves Space

  • 45% reduction in package size 
  • Doubles the quantity per pallet
    (can put up to 40 bales per pallet!)
  • No more crushed cartons!

30 bales (1500 lbs.)

A man carrying a box of wiping cloths

Easier Handling

  • Less cumbersome
  • Less strain on lower back
  • Can drop, throw or drag bale without damage!
  • To dispense, slit open on top or side, then grab a rag!  Package retains shape

A man carrying a bale of wiping cloths

An unopened bale of wiping cloths

Unopened bale

To dispense, slit top lengthwise

To dispense, slit top lengthwise

Pull out rag - Package retains shape

Pull out rag - Package retains shape

Water Resistant - bale wrap repels water
Waste Reduction  - less packaging waste